What is the procedure to pay the new Visitax in Cancun?

Other / Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

We all agree on the fact that Cancun is a nice place to hang around, chill out and do businesses. However, before entering the region, you have to meet some requirements and paying the new Visitax is part of them. If you love booking your vacation online (or not), this article is suitable for you! It depicts the main procedures to pay your Visitax in Cancun. 

Paying the new Visitax fee online

The first way to pay Cancun tax Mexico is through the official website of Visitax. In fact, every international visitor has to fill out an online form with some information. This includes personal information, departure data and passport number. 
Then, you will be redirected to another page to complete your payment by credit card or PayPal. Once completed, you will receive a QR Code that will be scanned by security at the airport as proof of your payment. However, keeping a hard receipt is highly recommended.

Paying Visitax fee locally at the airport 

Paying your Visitax at the airport is pretty simple. There are kiosks where you can proceed to the payment, whether in pesos or dollars. But you may think that it is absurd to pay a tax again, as it might already be included in the flight costs. However, the thing is that Visitax is totally different as it is applicable to a single region, in order to develop the latter. Thus, no travel or airlines companies should include it in its prices. 

Pay the tax whenever you want

If you are debating about when to pay the new tax, here is what you should know. It is up to you to pay your Visitax before boarding the departure flight, once at the arrival or before leaving Cancun.  
But you should always remember that you can only pay in cash at the airport. There is a little issue though; line may get longer at the airport. So if you do not want to miss your flight or spend hours waiting, you better make your payment online!