Top 3 best accounting software

Other / Thursday, December 16th, 2021

In other words, being in charge of a business, you are required to keep your bookkeeping flawless. The task is even more complicated for small and medium-sized businesses, which are generally financially constrained and lack the expertise and resources to manage their accounting internally. Indeed, today there are dedicated solutions to manage accounting and optimize this process in a simple, efficient and above all in the Cloud. This is just online accounting software, saving you time and being more efficient.

Quickbooks software

Quickbooks is an accounting software which was created in the years 83 in the United States and was discovered later in France in 2015. The latter has nearly 2.5 million customers worldwide. For more details, visit our website. Quickbooks is an online management and invoicing software dedicated to entrepreneurs and very small businesses. It is both easy to use and comprehensive, it integrates with various applications such as : Receipt Bank, Stripe, Business Importer, PrestaShop, iScanner, Pepperi, Easy Transac, etc. This type of software offers various functionalities, namely : sending unlimited quotes and invoices, managing sales and purchases, automatically calculating VAT, working with a chartered accountant, etc. The price varies according to your needs, from € 10 with the possibility of benefiting from a free trial month without obligation.

ITool software

Functional since 2000 in France, iTool is the pioneer of online accounting and the first French software publisher to switch to full web. Accessible in SaaS mode, just like Quickbooks, iTool allows any SME, entrepreneurs, or craftsmen the general management of accounting, but also the edition of quotes and invoices, the entry of entries and the creation of tax packages from the same interface . The data is backed up daily and carefully secured against viruses or potential incidents. In addition to the innovative features, the solution offers an ergonomic and neat interface that makes the user experience more enjoyable. This software is available as a free trial for 30 days. The offer includes a Start pack for € 12 per month, a Business pack for € 19 and finally a personalized Premium pack on request.

EBP software

Regarding EBP, it has been a professional management software publisher since 1984. The publisher offers SaaS alternatives for SMEs, merchants, etc., and suitable for all business sectors. EBP software provides support for SMEs in the management of operating activity, business management, taxation, customer relationship management, accounting management and payroll management. The latter adapts to the specifics of each company and offers diversified services according to the needs of the company. The tool is very comprehensive, and also offers telephone support with competent experts, data import as well as configurable exports. The software is accessible online and without obligation, with the possibility of canceling the subscription at any time.