The best cider cocktail selections

Other / Wednesday, January 11th, 2023

A cider cocktail is a mixed drink with a low alcohol content. It is a drink obtained from the combination of the juice of a variety of fruits with different tastes, of which the apple is dominant. The cider cocktail is currently very trendy due to its suitability for many different events. However, which are the most popular alcoholic liquids for important events? Discover in the next lines of this article some of the best cider-based cocktails that you can adopt to make important events exceptional.

Raw cider cocktail

For the success of an event, you can't do without drinks. For this, you can opt for cider cocktails. One of the best known cider cocktails is the brut one. Known as the inimitable one, this mulled cider cocktail has a unique taste, hence the name. The particularity of this drink is first of all its well preserved secret recipe which gives it a dry fruity taste. At important events, this cocktail can be served as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to white meats and cheese. You can also reserve it for use with desserts.

Rosé cider cocktail

The rosé cider cocktail is also one of the best drink mixes for special occasions. It is a drink with a particular taste balance between fruity and acidic flavours. This drink is best enjoyed as an aperitif or with a dessert of pastries or other delicacies. It is served at 8°, allowing you to enjoy this blend of red fruit flavours and about 18 different apples.

Organic cider cocktail

The all-organic cider drink mix is another classic of the best alcoholic cocktails. As the name suggests, this liquid delight is concocted solely from fruit products grown without fertiliser. As a result, the purity of the flavour obtained is such that it earns it the nickname of angelic cider cocktail. This blend of 5 different apples can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to white meat and cheese dishes.