Rules for buying and selling a pleasure boat

Other / Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022

The sale or purchase of a pleasure boat intended to be sailed at sea cannot be made completely free. This operation is subject to compliance with certain obligations and rules. What are these rules and obligations? 

Documents that the seller must provide to the buyer

Before buying a boat, the buyer of a boat must request certain documents from the seller. The buyer is entitled to a bill of sale, completed and signed by both parties. All companies that sell boats, such as Suncap, are aware of these rules and apply them in the execution of their activities.

Three original copies are required for the sale of a boat less than 7 meters long and not exceeding 22 horsepower or a boat without a motor: one for the buyer, one for the buyer, and one for the Delegation à la Her et le littoral (DML). 

The purchaser is also entitled to the boat's registration card, marked “sold on” and signed by the seller. For a boat at least 7 meters long and exceeds 22 horsepower, a fourth copy is required for the customs service of the boat's home port.

Documents that sellers must send to the customs office

In order to sell his boat, the seller must send the customs office certain documents. These include:

  • A photocopy of the buyer's identity document
  • The original invoice for the purchase of the vessel (or the original bill of sale)
  • The original of the charter deed
  • Two copies of the yacht registration form in the buyer's name
  • A passport photo
  • A bank statement (RIB)

Deadlines for declaring the sale of a boat

It is essential to notify the relevant authorities that you are no longer the boat's owner. This would avoid, for example, being involved in any claims that might arise after the sale. The formalities for declaring the sale of a boat must be carried out within one month of the day on which the sale was made.