Piers Morgan exits ITV over Meghan Markle debacle

Other / Thursday, April 8th, 2021

After the controversial interview, Meghan Markle had with Oprah, several reactions had sprung up. Popular TV anchor Piers Morgan has left ITV due to the interview row. 

Piers Morgan leaves ITV over Markle row

The UK media commission had said that it is going looking into the complaints of about 42,000 citizens over a statement made by Presenter Piers Morgan. The media personality has said that he was very doubtful of the statements made by Meghan Markle at her interview with Oprah. Moreover, the Presenter has since left ITV after criticizing the Duchess of Sussex comments. 

'' After discussions with ITV, Piers Morgan has said he will leave the show '' A statement by the TV said, 

and they have accepted his decision. '' 

Piers has said that the couples had destroyed the majority monarchy and wants public fame on its terms which isn't visible. Morgan thinks that royalty comes with certain responsibility which must be accepted. On Sunday, the couple had talked about their lives and said they were sad when staying in the palace. 

Morgan doesn't believe Meghan stories 

They had also said there are traces of racism in the palace system. Morgan said he wasn't convinced about Meghan's claims of suicide '' I have serious reservations about her interview and all her statements, she knows what she was getting into marrying into the royal family, she can't eat her cake and have it''. The media presenter also said it seems the couple is looking for public sympathy which wouldn't do much in this scenario. 

The British Royal family had released a statement saying private matters remain private and a robust statement would be given later. The palace is having its issues with the Duke of Edinburgh in hospital after suffering from an illness that has seen him hospitalized for weeks.