Microsoft team withdraws Quantum claim published in 2018

After claiming some elements of Quantum computing, a group of scientists has rescinded their theories. This is easily done because new evidence proves otherwise. 

Microsoft team withdraws Quantum claim 

A group of Microsoft team has retracted a position it claimed in a published research paper in 2018. The study claims there is ample evidence that there is a unique particle that can help the creation of better computers in the future. 

However, in humble submission, it states there seems to be an error in his submission. The paper authors have called for a retraction and published one. It says there isn't enough scientific proof to lay on such claims. However, the firm insists it will continue further research on quantum physics. 

When the paper was published, it was hailed as inspirational and a great breakthrough for science, however not all scientists were convinced about the results. The discipline of Quantum computing is a heavily revolutionized and promising discipline in engineering. 

Quantum computing research is still on by tech firms 

Many top firms like Google and IBM have been having various research on quantum physics which will help their firm professor Charlie's Marcus who was part of the team has said there are many challenges with Quantum computing which could throw lots of spanners in research works. Many scientists have pleaded for caution though in research about quantum.

No tech firm has been successful in creating a quantum network, although several startups have tried. Quantum is based on many probabilities which could be the next level in the technology revolution. Microsoft has claimed that it has found a way to harness quantum elements like Majorana which will be more reliable than any of the available alternatives. There have been many commendations from several quarters for the retraction because they say it takes a huge heart to withdraw a paper.

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