How to choose and wear a Japanese sweater ?

Other / Monday, December 13th, 2021

Have you noticed the trend of Japanese sweaters on the sports fields? If so, this casual style is now part of the fashion. Even off the sports field you can adopt this style. However, you need to know how to choose the right one and especially how to wear it to look good.

The criteria for choosing a Japanese sweater

Before discussing the criteria to consider when buying a japanese sweatshirt, let's talk in a few lines about the origin of this famous Japanese sweater. It appeared for the first time in the United States around the 20th century. The first Japanese sweaters were intended for NBA athletes. They were hooded and were very much worn by reefers in the 30s. A few years later, the Japanese sweater became a fashion accessory among high school students. Year after year, several Japanese industries and brands have specialized in the production of sweaters. 
There are several types of Japanese sweaters. You can find hooded, sleeved, long, zip, cotton jacket and many more.  To buy one, you must take into account your morphology. Fortunately, this garment fits all types of morphology. The choice will be easier. 
For the choice of the cut, choose a model that will enhance your figure. For volume cuts, the sweatshirt with central pocket is the best option. For the color, there are several. Choose the color that will match your look and make you look good.

Tips for wearing a Japanese sweater

When you have bought the best sweater in the store, you must know how to wear it in order to highlight it. The clothing style is also to be taken care of. So for a combination, you can put a chino or a jean as a bottom on your Japanese sweater. It is a very nice association. 
You can also try to compose an offbeat style. As a bottom, choose a straight pant, a striped over bottom and a plain japanese sweater. Avoid a multicolored japanese sweatshirt for this combo. 
To awaken your creativity, layer your sweatshirt over a t-shirt or a simple polo. For more fashion tips and ideas, you can visit fashion websites/blogs.