How to choose a humidor ?

Other / Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

The purpose of a good humidor is to provide a humidity level that is conducive to the preservation of cigars. On the market, there are many models that you can select to achieve your goal. What are the criteria to consider when choosing the best humidor? Read more here.

Consider the type of smoker

The humidor is an essential for the proper preservation of your cigars. To discover a wide range of humidors, pop over to this site. To choose your humidor in an optimal way, you must imperatively take into account your profile as a smoker. If you like to indulge occasionally, the number of cigars in your stock will not exceed 10 units. You will simply have to buy a box that can hold up to 30 cigars.

If you are a beginner smoker, you will always carry 20 or 30 cigars. For optimal preservation of your items, you should look into modular humidors that can hold between 75 and 150 units. With the different drawers you will have, you will be able to create a small collection.

Finally, if you are an experienced smoker, you should opt for a special cigar cabinet. However, pay attention to your environment for a better preservation of your cigar.

Pay attention to certain features

To ensure that your humidor is the best it can be, you should pay attention to a few important features. First, you need to check the closure of your humidor. It should be airtight so that your cigars can remain in the right condition.

Second, you should smell your humidor. If it smells strongly, it means that it will not be ideal for storing your cigars. Third, compartments and shelves are a must for better ventilation. Fourth, consider the material of your box. Wood, plexiglass, glass, these are all possibilities you can explore.