How to choose a good vintage handbag

Other / Thursday, June 15th, 2023

As a general rule, fashion is a matter of taste. That said, there are some timeless pieces that immediately add a touch of elegance to any style. Such is the case with vintage bags. However, it's essential to choose them well if you want to make the most of this article. What tips can you use to make the right choice?

Determine your style

Everyone has a unique style, and the same goes for vintage bags. So the first thing to do when looking for a good vintage bag is to define your personal style. In practice, you can visit this site for an overview of the different bag models. This will allow you to think about your preferences in terms of :

  • shapes ;
  • colours ;
  • materials.

The questions to ask yourself in such situations generally revolve around your preferences. In other words, do you prefer structured bags or soft, casual models? Do you like leather, suede or canvas bags ?

With these answers, you can now identify vintage bags that match your personal style and taste.

Do some in-depth research

Before you start looking for a vintage bag, do some thorough research to familiarise yourself with the brands, styles and characteristics of vintage bags. In fact, whether online or in shops, there are specialist fashion magazines that provide information on the history and characteristics of each brand.

If you use them correctly, it will be very easy to recognise a good vintage bag by its signature or unique feature. Knowing the fashion histories of different eras and iconic brands helps you make informed decisions when buying a vintage bag.

Check the bag's condition

To buy a good vintage bag, it's essential to check its condition. Vintage bags can show signs of wear and damage. So, when you buy a vintage bag, it's a good idea to take all these points into consideration so that you're not forced to make costly repairs later on.

Among other things, you should carefully examine the seams, zips, straps and handles. Next, make sure that the bag is in very good structural condition and that any cosmetic defects are not huge. Note that it is also advisable to ask the seller for information.

Check the authenticity of the model

Authenticity is also a crucial factor when buying a vintage bag. Popular designer bags are often counterfeit, so it's important to buy from reputable sellers. To find acceptable proof of authenticity, check brand labels, logos and serial numbers. Don't hesitate to ask for certificates of authenticity if possible.

Choosing according to size and functionality

It's essential to consider the size and functionality of the vintage bag. This is a useful tip in the selection process, as it allows the buyer to find the right model for their everyday life. Indeed, if your aim is to use the bag as a tote or a small bag for special occasions, it's important that the fashion item has enough space for the essentials.

In short, the choice of a good vintage bag takes into account both the buyer's sense of fashion and the characteristics of the item for sale. The key here is to clearly define the model you want and know its specific features.