Governor of Texas criticizes President Biden over migration Crises in Texas

The Texas governor has slammed the president for the current migration issues in the state. He thinks that the new law on migration is flawed. 

Texas Governor blames President Biden for migration issues 

There has been a recent surge in migration along the border of Texas with many illegal migrants crossing over into the US after the new administration changed migration policies. The Texas governor has lambasted the administration of Mr. Biden on Tuesday after a growing increase at the US-Mexico border which has affected the state. 

In a conference, Governor Abbot Greg stated that he was called by Border patrols and other security agencies about the problems faced at the border. He said it was the US president's fault for changing laws that could have prevented such a mess. 'These crises could have been avoided if the President hadn't changed migration policy. 

Donald Trump's migration law better than Biden's - Governor 

The policy allows illegal people into the country and has caused lots of migration problems in Texas which grows by each day.' '. President Biden has rescinded many migration policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump. The ex-president has slammed the door on asylum seekers and other illegal migrants, which he claims are not good for the country. 

Mr. Trump started an initiative called 'Remain in Mexico which made migrants finding it difficult to get access into the country. The policy caused lots of criticism from various NGOs and human rights watchers who said such laws go against US laws. Governor Abbot has now said that removing the law by President Biden has caused more problems for the state. 

The governor has also accused the present administration of not taking into consideration the crises such law was causing for his government. He warned that not everything should be political and that issues should be looked at critically.