Dragon Ball Z merchandise : What to know ?

Other / Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

There are many products for Dragon Ball fans. We have selected the coolest Monopoly items for scouts on Amazon. You are welcome to read this article until the end

Scout with sound effect

In Dragon Ball Z, the scout is used to measure the fighting power of enemies. This clever device is also available as an item in a variety of colors on Amazon and at SuperSaiyan-Shop.com. The series' iconic sound effect can also be activated with the push of a button. Unfortunately, batteries are not included, but trading cards are available.


Pool plush toy

Pool is Yamchi's constant companion and best friend. The talking cat can transform into any object or person, and he often enjoys it. This adorable creature guarantees the best sleep.


Dragon Ball robe

You can always wear a robe. So much the better if it still has an attractive design. The above-mentioned garment should be of particular interest to fans of Dragon Ball. The orange color combined with the "Kame" logo and the blue ribbon is very reminiscent of the Son of Goku costume. The costume is probably not suitable for combat. 

The Playstation controllers

If the original Playstation 4 controllers seem too boring for you, there are now special controllers. The ones on top have been left in orange, apparently inspired by Dragon Ball. The buttons, which each have a star on them, are interchangeable. Otherwise, the controller is used only for aesthetic purposes.

The wallets

A simple but elegant wallet with the turtle lord emblem on the front and the majestic Shenlong on the back. There are also small details inside, like a dragon ball - will the legendary dragon grant your wishes?


Goku figure

Of course, the Seung Goku figure is also not to be missed. The protagonist can be seen in his most powerful form to date. The figure from the manufacturer Banpresto is about 18 cm high and costs relatively little compared to other figures. So if you want it, you should get it quickly.