Britain's chief medical adviser warns Citizens over losing Guard over COVID-19

British citizens have been warned not to lose guard despite COVID-19 vaccines. The health official believed that total adherence to safety protocols plus vaccinations is the way. 

Don't easy lockdown easily - UK chief medical adviser 

Professor Whitty has warned UK lawmakers of easing lockdown quickly because it could have a devastating effect on the nation. Prof Whitty said this singular act will be dangerous and many lives not protected by the jab may die.

'Many people believe that after, vaccine, all is well. We shouldn't forget that within a second, things could change, We should always be on guard. '

The comments of the learned health official came after there were pressures from many quarters, that present lockdown should be eased more quickly due to low infection rates. The group championing this case is the COVID-19 recovery Group that has over 75 MPs. 

Infections rate may come up if lockdown is hastily eased 

However, when Professor Whitty sat before the science and technology committee, she said, “Using the present scenario, it is paramount to note that if we ease lockdown faster than expected, then infection rates would increase”. The present figure of COVID-19 shows about 5 643 cases have reared its head and 595 are hospitalized and about 230 are dead. 

The latest statistics show that on weekends infection rates fell below 9,000 cases for the first time in a while.  His opinion was that opening too early will make more vulnerable people who haven't been vaccinated open to the virus. Professor Whitty also said people should not let down their safety protocols as this will be grave.

The UK has witnessed a low infection rate, due to efforts in vaccination where almost all aged citizens have been given a jab. The Prime Minister has promised that before August virtually all Britons would have been vaccinated.

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